Leonard Cirino and Pygmy Forest Press

Dear Friends of Leonard Cirino and Pygmy Forest Press,

My new book, Homeland, Exile, Longing & Freedom, will soon be available from me. It is published by AA Press but copies can come direct from me. Included with any orders will be a new broadside of Quatrains that is privately typeset and letterpress printed.

The new book is $13 including the broadside and shipping. Recent titles from my press and other books by me are also available.

My best to all of you,

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Recent titles from Pygmy Forest Press and Leonard J. Cirino…

The Prison Diary of Arthur Longworth, by Arthur Longworth, 2008, 28 pp, $7

A Grammar of Longing, by Theresa Whitehill, 2009, 84 pp $13

Waiting for the Angel, by William Doreski, 2009, 72 pp $12

Quite Poems, by Philip Ramp  2010, 82 pages, $14

Deep Water Horizon, by Alan Catlin, 2011, 28 pp, $8

The Island and Antibodies, by Dimitris Kakavelakis translated from the Greek by Philip Ramp, 2011, 108 pp, $10.


By Leonard J. Cirino…

Mister Hatter’s Matters, (Pygmy Forest Press, 2006, 82 pp, $12)

Ambiguities: Poems 2004-2005, (AA Press, 2007, 136pp, $15)

Russian Matinee, (Cedar Hill Publications), 2009 48 pp $10

Chinese Masters, (March Street Press), 2009 82 pp, $9

Omphalos: Poems 2007, (Pygmy Forest Press, 2010, 104 pp, $15)

Ululations, (Pygmy Forest Press) 2010, 102 pp $14

Tenebrion, (Cedar Hill Publications) 2010 62 pp $11

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